Shoe Confection: How A Shoe Is Made

In today’s article we’ll go through the process by which we produce a dress shoe. Shoe confection is a very interesting process so make sure to concentrate with me to get it better. Okay ? 

Shoe confection may take several months, especially when we’re talking about high quality shoes.

Main Steps To Shoe Confection:

Leather PreSelection:

First off, we select the best potential leathers by choosing the less harmed animals. Note that even a mosquito stick may appear on the shoe, that’s why we tend to be very selective about the animals.

Luxury shoe brands use to choose neatly each and every animal they get the leather from.


After the animal being killed, the shoe factory receives the leather, or more correctly the animal’s skin that will be transformed into leather through many procedures.

Leather Tanning:

First we have tanning.


I think they sink the leather in a particular liquid (either synthetic or natural => organic). The point behind this step is to precipitate the proteins present in the skin so the leather don’t disintegrate and keeps his original properties.

This process may take a lot of time and effort, which is one of the main reasons why high quality leather is expensive.

Leather coloration;

Then after the leather’s been tanned, time to color it. This process also is fastidious.

Quality shoes are colored usually with organic colors, that are rare and very expensive. The process lasts very long and it required high skilled craftsmen

Leather Cutting:

After, comes the cutting phase. The leather is being precisely cut by leather experts following specific guidelines.

Shoe Assemblage:

Finally, the leather is sewn altogether  to form the shoe. This phase is the most complicated as it requires many high skilled men to do the job. I’ll probably dedicate a full article on shoe assemblage.


For now that’s all. I hope the article helped you at least a little bit to apprehend the shoe making process.

For further details, you may want to read this detailed article on the process of a dress shoe making. 

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