Quality Over Quantity: The RULE for Dress Shoes!

Today I’m gonna explain briefly why it’s crucial to always go for quality over quantity before buying a dress shoe. You may really get fooled by the cheap price of an apparently beautiful shoe but let me tell you why you’re making a great mistake by doing this choice.

When you go to a shoe store and decide to buy a shoe, you’re more likely to choose a low-priced (which means low-quality) dress which is a big mistake on all aspects. Let me explain.

Besides, if you knew what it takes to a shoe to be made, you’ll definitely no longer find the shoe price to be more expensive that it deserves.

How Quality Over Quantity Rule Can Change Your Life:

On the financial side:

You think you’re doing yourself a favor but you are really not. When you opt for a shitty dress shoe thinking, you can be 100% sure that by the end of the year, sometimes even before (as a bad dress shoe usually breaks down after few wears) you’ll throw it in the trash and go to the same shoe store to repeat the same mistake.

In 4 years you buy four bad quality shoes that had hurt your feet and got you no attention from the ladies and your colleagues. In the fifth year you have to buy a new one. And so on.

On the other hand, if you choose to buy an expensive high quality shoe like Magnanni Or Aldo you’ll be more than satisfied for many years! Some times decades, or even a lifetime if you follow the shoe-care guidelines .

In 4 years you might have bought only one shoe but at least you have had many compliments and many hot dates during those years. In 10 years you could have 3 classy leather high quality shoes and be much more appreciated by your friends and colleagues for your tastes and your worth.

On the self-image side:

What almost all men don’t know is that their shoes are the first thing women notice in them. This means if you wear ugly shoes you’re gonna be judged upon them. People will look you down.

However, if you wear elegant dress shoes and take time to polish them to get a mirror shine then you’ll be way more influential, uplifted and confident.

You’ll start getting compliments from all over the place, which will make you even more confident.

People will look you up.

On the professional side:

If you’re known in your bureau or the place you work on to be completely negligent about your looks then damn, your boss will never give you a promotion.

However if you take the time to dress well, and demonstrate high self-worth and self-esteem, you’ll inevitably get promoted. Because your boss want people with high self-esteem around him, people that know their worth and actually invest in themselves and image.


PS: The same applies when it comes to sneakers! So Be careful!


As you can see, choosing quality over quantity is the real deal. If you’re not convinced yet, you may want to ask yourself why you’re wasting your money on bad quality dress shoes, rather than really investing in yourself.

I Hope you enjoyed reading and as always i’m looking forward to seeing your comments and participation to enrich the article.


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