Do with what you have at hand even in style

Do you know what’s the most repeated advice in business that any insider will tell you if you’re just starting out? JUST START! Do with what you got. Don’t wait to have all the required resources to jump in, because that’s just perfectionism. Which is a dayum growth killer.

That’s the reason I always insist on doing with the available resources whether it be in entrepreneurship, in sports or even in style.

So the big question now is, how to dress stylishly when you don’t have the money?

If you’ve been following my articles you know that I have always put the emphasis on preferring quality over quantity. I have thoroughly explained why in this article.

That said, I know some of you can’t afford to put 400$ on a good pair of shoes right NOW, and don’t have the patience until they amass that amount.

Others can but they want to start small. Test out different styles and see what it feels like to dress differently. Well, I give you my permission to get, let’s not qualify them as cheap even if some of them deserve worse, affordable shoes.

For that matter there are many brands you can try.

Just make sure you follow the guidelines I’m about to reveal to you

Never buy an awful design


That’s it. You decided to go out and try some new shoes but are not willing to break the bank. Fine. Just make sure you don’t buy the ugliest clodhoppers in your neighborhood. There are some nice designed affordable shoes out there even if the quality is so-so. Check out this Stacy Adams shoe review to get an idea.

Don’t wear it after it wears out

Being stylish is not only a matter of colors and items, it’s also a matter of hygiene. Put your nicest dress but if one of your toes is stalking the world through a hole, throw that shit away.


Chances are, if you still plan to wear a shoe even after it has worn out, you really like that shoe. So work off your ass and get a quality shoe for the same style.

Don’t take it as a habit


Remember why you decided to go for cheap shoes at the first place. To try! To start! and definitely not to last.

This is why I find it to be a bad idea even to start with a cheap shoe. That endeavor can develop and become a habit. Which is a disaster. Remember that your shoes are the mirror to your self-image. If you’re not ready to spend good money on your shoes long term, then man, you gotta read the six pillars of self-esteem.

Know that this is momentary


I once heard a story about Will Smith where he said that when he was still young and poor, he knew it was momentary. That one day he’ll become what he is today. You should have the same confidence.

If you don’t have your shit together right now, fine. Just know that one day you will. So rather than settling for what life’s offering you, go out and get what you deserve. Life doesn’t own you anything. You own to yourself. Just have the balls to get those beautiful Santoni shoes.


I know that at the end, the post took a self-improvement turn but it’s all about that after all, ain’t it? Style is communication in its rawest form. Improving your communication is part of your self-improvement journey. If you’re not on such a journey, what are you waiting for?

Get on the train!


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