How To Not Get Hurt When You’re Diabetic

Diabetes is a chronic disease responsible for a good part of feet amputations. Due to the peripheral neuropathy resulting from continued high sugar levels and also the dysfunctional healing process, any trauma, however small it might seem can cause serious injury for a diabetic person.

So yes. Being a diabetic is not fun. You have to be careful at what you eat, what you wear, how you walk, where you go, etc.

Your life is no longer as normal as it was.

Being pissed off at how much awareness you must have in your day-to-day life is completely normal and you’re 100% right to feel this way.

However there’s always a solution to any problem.

And today I’m going to share 3 rules you need to consider to wear shoes if you are a diabetic person.

Don’t Wear Dress Shoes For Too Long:

Dress shoes, however comfortable they might be, still cannot provide the necessary support for your feet. Especially when they’re new. Sometimes they are too tight from the behind, or too scratchy from the sides. Those little issues you’d neglect normally can cause you little damage that will get your feet infected and perhaps cause you bigger problems.

So my advice is to be very careful when it comes to wearing dress shoes. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the quality of your shoes. 

This leads us to the second advice which is to

Check your feet each time before sleep

The peripheral neuropathy can in fact make you insensible to pain which explains why most diabetic persons go to the doctor at late stages of the injury.

Checking your feet before sleeping is one surefire way to detect if there’s an issue and treat it right away.

A simple gesture can in fact prevent you from going through shitty circumstances.

Finally I’d advice you to

Get appropriate shoes:

There are in fact some appropriate shoes made specifically for diabetic neuropathy. These provide the needed support to keep you away from external traumas. Besides, they allow you to have normal life.

A normal life where you walk, run, jump, do physical activities and don’t have to worry much about your diabetes.

Sounds good, huh?

Grab one of those and starting enjoying your life again.


If you follow thoroughly the advice I provided in this article, your diabetic person life will get much better.

Share your experience with in the comment.



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