How Your Look Can Transform Your Life

Some would say that this is a bold claim and I completely understand. We’ve been brought up to think that appearance doesn’t matter as much as what someone beholds inside his heart. To a certain degree, it is true but not as society wanted to condition us to think it. 

There’s no doubt that the way you dress up holds a big importance in the way you communicate to the outer world. Never make the mistake of neglecting your outer image because of false beliefs you took from your father or society.

If you master the art of style, the world around you will transform. You’re gonna be perceived as high-value, as someone who takes care of himself and thus someone who has the ‘savoir vivre’.

In this short post, I’m going to demonstrate how taking care of your outfit will help conquer the world.

1# Great First Impression:

When you meet someone for the first time the only data your have about him is his appearance so instinctively your brain will use that data to make a judgement upon him. Human brains work this way and the process happen on a unconscious level.

Now from this rule we’re gonna have two possibilities. Either that person wears a good outfit, is well groomed and smells good which all are positive data your brain’s gonna associate with that person. Or the person has bad hygiene, smells bad and wears unfit clothes which makes your brain associate a negative vibe with his presence.

Imagine yourself in that person’s place. Would you want to be the first or the second person? Of course, you’d want people to have a positive impression of yourself so in order to put all the chances by your side you know what you have to do now!

#2 Communicate High-Value:

Wearing high-quality items and fit clothes will communicate two things to the world:

  • You take the time to look after yourself so you have high self-esteem
  • You know how to dress so you have good tastes and color intelligence

Those two qualities will make you stand out from the majority of men out there.

#3 Get Laid More Often:

It comes as no surprise that ladies actually love men who dress well and take care of their apparel. As I explained earlier, dressing well and stylishly conveys high-value to the world which is the main criteria upon which ladies build attraction for men.

If you associate your good looks with a deep voice, an alpha attitude and a confident posture, chances are you’re going to get less rejected and attract more beautiful women around you. With some game, getting laid would be a casual thing to do.


#4 Feel better

There’s nothing more powerful to increase your confidence than feeling attractive and proud of oneself. Dress properly and you’ll notice how your confidence will significantly increase. You’ll walk around as if you owned the place and speak unapologetically to the world.

Dress better, feel better and act better.


#5 Gain in charisma

Have you ever known someone charismatic that wears shitty clothes? No. Neither have I.

If you strive  to be a successful person that leads man and attracts ladies, dressing well is a must. You can have the presence, you can have the deep voice, you can have the genuine interest for others but if you dress like a fucking bum don’t expect people to look up at you.



As you have seen, your external image has a lot to do with the way world responds to you. Dress well to create new opportunities in your life and make new like-minded people with high self-esteem and great sense of purpose.

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Thank you.


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