Adapt Shoe To Outfit Or Vice Versa?

Many people ask me weather they should choose their outfit according to their shoes, or choose their shoes according to their outfit. In other words, they don’t don’t which item they choose first, shoes or outfit.

In today’s post, I’ll to break the issue down to you in a simple so you will no longer find yourself in a dilemma each time you’re in front of your wardrobe.

First of all, before you even think about your future attire, you must determine:

The Formality Of The Event:

Now depending on this you will choose which outfit will suit the event better. What I’m saying is you cannot wear formal in a casual event, do you?

So after you determine the degree of formality, you ought to determine the:

The Weather:

Two parameters are paramount here. Rain and temperature.

According to those two, choose the right items to protect yourself from cold or prevent extra-heat.

You don’t wanna wear a heavy coat with your work boots in a sunny day in Hawaii, do you? Unless you are masochist I don’t see why you’d do that to yourself.

Now that you know what degree of formality and weather you’ll have to deal with, it becomes easier to adapt the outfit.

The bigger question kicks in, which is:

What’s the starting point: Shoe OR Outfit?

I’d love to help you out make up your mind in this but I personally have no fixed rule when it comes to this.

Sometime, I do choose the shoe first.

When it’s a special occasion and I’m excited to wear my brand new pair of shoes I usually prepare it for that special day and adapt the rest of my outfit to it.

However in more of routine-like days, I would choose an outfit and then a pair of shoes that goes with it.


That’s it! There’s no specific RULE to go by when it comes to dressing.

Actually, the most important should be the color matching and respect of the formality of the event. When this is done, you no longer have to worry about anything else.

Don’t fall into the”overthinking” trap. Dressing well might seem complicated and overwhelming at first but remember to always stay simple. There are few rule when you learn to stick to you become a well-dressed person spontaneously.



The post was about whether to begin one’s dressing with the shoe choice or the outfit. I tried to give my humble opinion on the matter, that I hope have helped you at least shape yours. Feel free to participate by commenting or sharing.


Have a nice day gentlemen!





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