Why You Should Wear The Brown Shoe More

What I have personally noticed when walking around outside is the insane abundance of black dress shoes people wear. I really don’t understand why. In this post I will show why the brown shoe is cooler, more elegant and versatile than the black dress shoe. 

Just to be sure, I’m not against wearing black dress shoes! no, far from there. The black shoe is irreplaceable in a gentleman closet. However, you cannot wear it every time. There are times where you must, times when you should, and times when you shouldn’t. I have actually wrote a whole guide on that here. 

Why Black Is Overrated:

I actually see no reason as to why black is an overrated color! Maybe because people think its cool by heritage or something.

If you have an explanation please feel free to share in the comments.


Why Brown is Cooler :

Brown is for people who have a better grasp on style. People who are more in touch with their inner selves, so understand when the brown color better reflects their feelings and state of mind.


When Should You Go For Brown Instead Of Black?

  • Blue, Grey and beige suits
  • Blazers: Blazers tend to be very casual, so it’s better to wear them with brown dress shoes.
  • Jeans: Jeans are perfect with brown leather shoes.
  • Chinos: Chinos are known to be casual, which is why a brown dress shoe would be perfect to give off a smart casual look.
  • Shorts: Perfect with invisible socks. If colors are matched well, congratulations! You’ll get laid tonight.
  • Shirts: when worn casually.


PS: I think that it all comes down to colors. Whatever pieces you’re wearing, if the colors are casual, think about adding the brown shoe, but only if the colors match each other!


PS: Don’t go for cheap items, you know how this can hurt your image. Besides a cheap brown can never give the same mirror shine as genuine leather. Rather, always remember the “quality over quantity” rule. Opt for high quality brand shoes. Try out Aldo, Allen edmonds or even Magnanni that offers some insane quality. 



I personally think and affirm that the second most important shoe in a men’s wardrobe is the brown leather shoe (that comes right after the black dress shoe). Less formal than the black one, the brown shoe can help you create some insane casual looks.

As always; I’m looking forward to seeing your feedback and comments. Do you share the same opinion with me ? Let me know below!

Don’t forget to share with your friends also.





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