Sneakers Vs Dress Shoes: When and Where?

A lot of people find themselves in confusion as to what to wear in certain events, dress shoes or sneakers. Some are actually pro dress shoe, others pro sneaker. I’m neither. 

In this post, I’ll give you my humble opinion on sneakers and why you should give them a try if you already didn’t.

Sneakers Are More Comfortable:

Your feet deserve some comfort from time to time and sneakers are perfect for that. Not only are they more comfortable than dress shoes, but they are also way more practical in certain activies/occasions.


When Sneakers Should Be Worn Instead Of Dress Shoes:red-sneakers-beach-10648030

Sneakers should be more in casual occasions. Such as late night parties or beach walks. They can also be worn in summer, when you are just wandering and have no business meeting or you are on vacation.


Can Sneakers Alter My Style?

Of course, sneakers are not as elegant as dress shoes, but nevertheless, you can still be stylish wearing sneakers.

In fact, there are some very stylish sneakers out there. You’d be surprised as how well-made and comfortable they are.

You must’ve heard of designer’s sneakers. That’s what we are actually talking about.

One the most beautiful sneakers are the Isla Ceoro of Magnanni, and I think they should be seriously added in this amazing magnanni shoes review.

Do I have to use shoe tree on sneakers:

Of course not, even if the sneaker is made of genuine leather, you don’t need to put a shoe tree in it, expect when you’re travelling and you may worry that you’ll find your shoes completely crashed, which is a reason to consider using travel shoe trees. Travel shoe trees are usually made of plastic instead of cedar.

Songsmic Cedar Shoe Tree

Can the brown dress shoe actually replace the sneakers?

They can. Brown dress shoes and sneakers may perfectly replace each others in most cases.

That said, as I’ve stated before,Alessandro-Demesure-cacao-3-700x467 sneakers are unbeatable when it comes to comfort (provided that they are made of genuine materials –> Quality over quantity applies also for sneakers! )

In addition, you may well ruin your quality leather shoe if you take it some places, such as pools, beaches, or parties when people continuously step on your feet.

How many sneakers should I have?

One will make do. However, it may depend on the person you are. If you think you’re more of a ‘sneaker person’ and work often in casual outfits then you should think of owning more than one.

This will prevent it from wearing rapidly.

Also depending on what activity you intend to use them for. If, for example, you are planning to have a futsal game, then think of getting an indoor soccer shoe. Same for golf shoes and basket ball shoes.



So here was my opinion on sneakers and when should they be worn. I hope you liked the post and if you agree, share with your friends, and if you don’t then you’re free to express yourself in the comments below.

Have a nice day gentlemen!




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