Do I Really Need A Shoe Tree?

Songsmic Cedar Shoe Tree.JPG

Now the answer to this question of “Do I Need A Shoe Tree?” might differ from one person to another, depending essentially on the QUALITY of his dress shoes. 

Many new bees in the vast world of men’s fashion don’t know whether to invest in a pair of wooden inserts or not.

Today, I’m gonna give you a small tip, that I wish could help you make up your mind.

PS: the most relevant criteria to usually determine the leather shoe quality is its PRICE. That said, if you think you made a bargain when you’ve bought your dress shoes, you might go check the original price of your shoes, or read some reviews on the brand. 


In Which Case You Don’t Need A Shoe Tree:

If The Shoe worth is less than 100$:

In this case there’s good chance your shoes are made of low-quality leather, which means, no matter how much devotion and time dedication you spend on them, they will wear after few wears. What you don’t know also, is that you’re doing yourself a big disfavor, jump to this article to understand why you should starting investing in real shoes. 


If The shoe worth is between 100 and 200$ but you don’t intend to wear it for too long:

In that case, a shoe tree might actually be useful in prolonging your shoe life and limiting the creasing over time. However, as you don’t intend to keep it for more than a year, you won’t have the time to notice any life-prolonging effects, apart maybe from odor control. In that case, just don’t waste your money.


In Which Case You DO Need A Shoe Tree:

Shoe worth [100-250$] and you’re a collector:

You cannot expect your shoes to last more than a year if you don’t put in the TIME, EFFORT, and MONEY to actually take care of them. So my advice for you in this category is to spend an extra 30$ on a good quality cedar shoe tree and take proper care of your shoes. Only then can you notice a real difference.


Shoe worth [250+$]:

I think it goes without saying that you need absolutely to invest in a shoe tree. You don’t spend that much money on a pair to neglect them after, do you?

In order to really harness the life-prolonging property of a shoe tree, I recommend you to choose the best cedar shoe tree possible for your industry, which doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive. I personally think, that once a certain edge surpassed in shoe trees price, they have the same effect.



Now, depending on the category in which you are, it’s up to you to decide whether to invest an extra sum in a shoe tree. My position is clear in that matter, as I’ve clearly explained.

Feel free to share your experience about shoe trees in the comments, and maybe give more tips or recommendations. Also, feel free to share with your friends.


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