What To Wear With A Black Dress Shooe

As all of you know, a black dress shoe is the main element of a men shoe rack. Not only does it serve at all formal occasions but it is like the most manufactured type of shoe in the world (I’m not sure of this info, you could check it on google.. or not.. I mean who gives a shit). 


What most people don’t know though, is that a black shoe is not that easy to match, and can’t be worn with everything present in your wardrobe, nor in every occasion you attend. There are some rules to follow and guidelines to stick to.


When You Must Wear Black Dress Shoes:

Usually it’s highly formal occasions such as:


If you’re attending a wedding, better wear a black dress shoe with a black suit.

Formal Jobs:

Like working in a bank or in politics.


You don’t want to wear a brown shoe or a sneaker in a funeral. This is valid only for people living in Occident, just to be sure. In Africa, or other parts, rules are different.

Formal meetings:

I could’ve included this with the formal jobs category.


Now that you know approximately when and where you should put on your  Black dress shoes, let’s talk about:

the clothes you should be wearing with them.

Black Suit:

Black dress shoes to Black suits are what water is to the beach. At least, you got the meaning right!

Dark Jeans:

Some say you can, but personally I don’t really recommend it.

Black Trousers:



When You Should Never Wear Black Dress Shoes:

In all the cases that are not mentioned above.

This means in casual occasions, with blue jeans, other-than-black suits…etc.


Black dress shoes must be reserved to special occasions as you’ve seen so don’t break the rules else you’ll pass as a fucking dumb ass shit person. I’m telling you.

Make sure to respect the rules I wrote above.


Now that you’re aware of the circumstances in which a Black dress shoe should be worn, you have no excuse to walk around with them all over the place. I hope the article helped make you more conscious about the gravity of the matter. Now If you have something to add, or are not okay, let me know in the comments.

Peace, love and no black dress shoes with jeans.


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